Kraków Street Band


Kraków Street Band is a musical powerhouse that has become a prominent name on both their hometown's stage and the Polish music scene. With their captivating blend of modern folk, rock’n’roll, and blues, they deliver high-energy performances that leave audiences in awe.

The band's popularity has been soaring, as they continue to conquer stages at numerous club and festival concerts - Hungarian “Sziget” and Poland’s “Pol’and’Rock” to name a few. Their album "Going Away" earned them a nomination for the prestigious Fryderyk Award in the Blues/Country Album of the Year category in 2019, followed by another nomination for their latest album "Czekanie" in 2022.

As they celebrate their 10th anniversary, Kraków Street Band shows no signs of slowing down. Even though the first years of the decade were marked by the music industry coming to a grinding halt, they have been hard at work, emerging in 2023 with an impressive touring schedule, crowned by celebratory concerts in Kraków and Warsaw, featuring notable guests such as Wojtek Waglewski, Kwiat Jabłoni, Jorgos Skolias and Marek Raduli.

Wherever they go, they put every last bit of their hearts and souls into each concert. The authentic, light-hearted joy of playing together blends with real virtuosity, with each band member taking an opportunity to shine. Kraków Street Band's performances are a reminder that raw live music and real bands, without all the publicity fluff, are still going strong.

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